Q1  What payment methods do you accept online?

We currently accept Mastercard and Visa for online purchasing.

Q2  Does Newport Circuit online ticketing service offer child/senior/student discount?

We offer child/senior/student discount ticket price for online ticketing.

Any over 1m tall or aged 3 years old must hold valid tickets. Child tickets apply for children aged 11 or below.

Senior tickets apply for people aged 60 or above.

Student tickets apply for full-time students.

Students must present their valid full time Hong Kong student card (with photo, name and expiry date) at the cinema entrance for checking.
Any Lifelong Learner Card, Alumni card or Student Octopus Card will not be regarded as valid student proof document.

Q3  Can I use coupons or discounts through online ticketing?

Vouchers or discount are not accepted through online ticketing. You may use the coupons and discounts at Newport Circuit Cinema box office.

Q4 Do I need to pay any service charge for using Newport Circuit online ticketing service?

The service charge per ticket of Online Ticketing is $6 or more.

Q5 When will my credit card account be charged through online ticketing? If I don't pick up the ordered ticket, will my credit card account be charged? Can I change or cancel it?

Once the transaction is done, your credit card account will be charged immediately.

Q6 Can I buy tickets for different movies at the same time?

No, you may only buy tickets for one session at one time.

I.e. If you buy tickets for two different movies, you will need to make two credit card transactions.

Q7 How many tickets can I purchase through online ticketing?

There is a maximum purchase limit of 8 tickets for any single order.

In each transaction, you can only choose seats in consecutive order and in the same row.

Q8 What should I do if I purchased the wrong tickets after the payment process is completed?

You cannot cancel the order or change seats once you press [CONFIRM] button to proceed the payment process. All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Q9 How do I collect my tickets?

Your tickets are available for collection from the cinema immediately after you have completed your purchase. In order to collect your tickets at the cinema you MUST bring along the same credit card used to place your order online. Tickets may be collected at the cinema box office.

Q10 If I have 2 or more transactions by using the same credit card, do I need to pick up tickets separately?

No, you can pick up all ordered tickets at the same time.

Q11 Can I pick up the ordered tickets at any theatres of Newport Circuit?

You should only pick up the tickets at the selected theatre you have chosen.

Q12 Do I need to bring my own 3D glasses to watch 3D movies at Newport Circuit?

Our Circuit is currently using 《MasterImage》3D glasses. You may bring your own 3D glasses or buy them at Newport Circuit box office. We have 2 kinds of 3D glasses including adult and child for your choice. 3D glasses cost HK$6 each.

Q13 When is the closing time for online purchasing for each show?

The closing time is 30 minutes before the show starts.

E.g. If show time is 8pm, you can still purchase tickets at 7:30pm through online ticketing. However, you cannot purchase tickets from 7:31pm onwards.

Q14 Can I purchase disabled seat through online ticketing?

Yes, you can.

Q15 Can I refund the tickets when the No.8 Typhoon Signal or above or the Black Rainstorm Warning is issued?

Newport Circuit Cinema remains open during all Typhoon Signals and Black Rainstorm Warning.

If you are unable to attend the show during typhoon 8 or black rainstorm warning, please bring the ticket or the credit card you used for online ticketing transaction to our box office for rescheduling the showtimes of the any movies within 3 days. No refund of ticket is accepted.

Q16 What do film classification mean?

Office of the Communications Authority requires all films for public exhibition to be classified. There are five standard classifications which may sometimes have a cautionary note attached.

Category I - Suitable for All Ages.

Category IIA - Not Suitable for Children.

Category IIB - Not Suitable for Young Persons and Children.

Category III - Persons Aged 18 or Above Only.

Please note that proof of age may be required at the Box Office and Ticket Collection Point for Category III movie.